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David Biard is a Passionate, he has always shared and collected.
From an early age he accumulated comics and then during his medical studies, he visited galleries and museums and fell in love for contemporary art. Meetings with enlightened collectors and gallery owners, then artists of his generation, led him to begin his collection ...
For more than 25 years he has been collecting and developing an international network of artists, gallery owners, journalists, museum and auction house directors.
Like many collectors, he lacks walls and chooses to lend his works to his friends to see them live and not waste away in storage.
He created Au Cube in 2012: Mini museum of contemporary art open to the street with the aim of bringing contemporary art to as many people as possible.
In 2016, he gave up Medicine and made Stendhal's quote a reality: Vocation means having your passion for your job.
Drawing on his experience as a knowledgeable collector and entrepreneur, he advises and supports individuals, businesses and collectors in their acquisitions on the primary and secondary markets. He collaborates with museums for programming and acquisitions.
Agent of artists, he defends them and assists them in the development of their projects in France and abroad. His acuity of artistic news and market trends make him an essential partner.
Au Cube now represents 12 artists and continues its collaboration with artists from its collection who have joined internationally renowned galleries.

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